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The catalogues in this collection were reproduced from the following libraries and archives: Amsterdam Museum (formerly: Historical Museum, Amsterdam)Amsterdam University LibraryArtis Library, AmsterdamBibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica, AmsterdamCity Archives, AmsterdamRijksmuseum, AmsterdamToonkunst-Bibliotheek, Amsterdam (at the library of the KoninklijkeChristelijke Zangersbond)VU University Library, AmsterdamGelders Archief, ArnhemUniversity Library, AugsburgNational Széchényi Library, BudapestKongelige Bibliotek, CopenhagenElisabeth Weeshuis Museum, CulemborgStadsarchief en Athenaeumbibliotheek, DeventerStreekarchief Midden-Holland, GoudaGroninger Archieven, GroningenUniversity Library, GroningenBibliotheek Zuid-Kennemerland, HaarlemNoord-Hollands Archief, HaarlemMunicipal Archives, KampenLibrary Theological University, KampenHistorisch Centrum, LeeuwardenTresoar, LeeuwardenErfgoed Leiden en Omstreken, LeidenUniversity Library, LeidenBritish Library, London Stadsbibliotheek, MaastrichtUniversity Library, MaastrichtZeeuwse Bibliotheek, MiddelburgRadboud University Library, NijmegenRegional Archives, NijmegenBibliothèque nationale de France, ParisCity Archives, RotterdamPublic Library, RotterdamNational Library of Russia, St. PetersburgPrivate collection (drs. Leiden: Pieter Leffen, 1605 [= 1654]. [Collected by a Hoorn Doctor of Medicine]. ], 1643. [Collected by a citizen of Haarlem]. Catalogvs vande boucken. Catalogvs librorvm. Leiden: Thomas Basson, 1609. Catalogvs librorum. The Hague: Isaac Burghoorn, 1634. Amsterdam: Broer Jansz, 1640. Catalogus insignium librorum [...] Abrahami Bocstadii. Catalogus librorum, qui in officina libraria Joannis Janssonii. Catalogue des livres François. The Hague: Isaac Burghoorn, 1634. Catalogvs librorvm. Copenhagen: Melchior Martzan, [1649]. Catalogvs librorum variorvm. Catalogus variorum & exquisitissimorum [...] librorum. [Collected by a lawyer at the Court of Holland; sold in The Hague by Lowijs (II) Elzevier]. Leiden: Jan Jansz van Dorp, 1637. Leiden: Christoffel Guyot, 1603. Venice and Antwerp hadceased to play their parts; Germany was shattered by the Thirty Years' War; TheBritish Isles and the Scandinavian and Iberian Peninsulas were peripheral;centralism and censorship were crushing France's native genius. ], 1646. Catalogus variorum et insignium [...] librorvm. [Collected by a Leiden Professor of Oriental Languages and printer. Our E-books are available separately, in a variety of different … Leiden: Willem Christiaens van der Boxe, [1646]. Leiden: Jan Claesz van Dorp, 1606. [Collected by an Odijk minister]. Catalogus bibliothecae. Catalogus universalis. Catalogus universalis. Toll Free (866) 896.6420 (231) 843.2430 Fax (231) 845.9966. content: "\f1c1\2002"; } In Leiden inparticular, large scholarly libraries of international repute were auctioned;Amsterdam was known for the auctions of the stocks of the major booksellers;and, especially in the early part of the eighteenth century, numerous privatelibraries of high-ranking officials, foreign ambassadors, and other collectorsof valuable libraries were shipped to The Hague to be sold in auctions. Leiden: Thomas Basson, 1609. Catalogus librorvm. N°. Rotterdam: Jan (III) van Waesberge, 1632. Please note that these flyers can also be found on the individual product pages in the catalog. Book Sales Catalogues Online — Brill. Catalogus librorum. Utrecht: Johannes van Sambix, 1660. Catalogus variorum insignium [...] librorum. (Location: shop Lowijs (I) Elzevier.) As of 1 January 2021, brill… Catalogus variorum & insignium [...] librorvm. Catalogvs variorum ac rarissimorum [...] librorvm. Searching for just a few words should be enough to get you started. (Location: shop Andries Clouck.) Catalogvs variorum & insignium librorvm. Leiden: Matthijs Elzevier & Bonaventura Elzevier, 1619. With offices in Leiden (NL), Boston (US), Paderborn (GER) Singapore (SG) and Beijing (CN), Brill … Leiden: widow and heirs Jan Claesz van Dorp, 1643. [Collected by a [Collected by a student of Medicine]. (Location: shop Petrus Hercules.) N°. More catalogueswill be added in the future. [Dircksz was a Leiden assistent minister]. Catalogus variorum & insignium librorum. Catalogus variorum & insignium [...] librorvm. The Hague: [s.n. viri D. Jodoci Lareni. Leiden: Severyn Matthysz, 1649. Catalogvs librorvm. The Hague: Johannes Verhoeve, 1658. (no short title available yet). Groningen: Jan Claessen, 1646. Catalogus plurimorum insignium librorum. Amsterdam: Broer Jansz, 1647. Catalogus variorum & insignium librorum qui auctione publica distrahentur. [Collected by a Pietersbierum minister]. The history of librariesFew records of important private libraries of the past have been preserved.Interest in book ownership in early modern times is increasing, and with it thedemand for historic auction catalogues. ], 1635. N°. Catalogvs variorum & insignium librorvm bibliothecae reverendi ac doctissimi p.m. viri d. Wilhelmi Thileni. (Location: shop Joannes Maire.) Catalogus variorum & insignium librorum. Leiden: Thomas Basson, 1604. Leiden: Bonaventura Elzevier & Abraham (I) Elzevier, 1626. Catalogvs illustris bibliothecae. The Hague: [s.n. Dordrecht: Jan (II) Canin, 1628. Catalogus librorvm. Catalogvs insignivm librorvm. Catalogus variorum & insignium librorum. Many of these workshad a profound influence on European history and culture. [Collected by a Haarlem Lutheran minister]. (Location: shop Franciscus Hackius.) (no short title available yet). (Sold by Lowijs (I) Elzevier.) Leiden: Bonaventura Elzevier & Abraham (I) Elzevier, 1642. Leiden: Lowijs (I) Elzevier, [1606]. Leiden: Gualtherus de Haes, 1650. Leiden: Severyn Matthysz, 1649. Catalogus miscellanevs variorum. [Collected by a Leiden minister]. ], variorum & insignium librorvm. [Collected by a Rotterdam Remonstrant minister and Doctor of Medicine]. ], 1651. Chinensium variorum librorum bibliotheca. Leiden: Philippe de Croy, 1645. ], 1645. Catalogus librorum viri clarissimi Adriani Junii [...]. [Collected by a Delft Doctor of Medicine]. Leiden: Bonaventura Elzevier & Abraham (I) Elzevier, 1643. [Collected by a headmaster of the Noordwijk grammar school]. [Collected by a Rotterdam Doctor of Medicine]. Leiden: Pieter Leffen, 1653. Catalogve des livres en blanc et reliez, apportez [...] par Adrien Vlac marchand libraire de Londres. Amsterdam: Cornelis Claesz, 1605. (no short title available yet). [Collected by a Dordrecht minister]. The Hague: Hendrik de Swaef, 1659. Catalogus librorum. Catalogus variorum, & insignium librorum. Leiden: Bonaventura Elzevier & Abraham (I) Elzevier, 1629. Catalogvs variorvm librorvm. Martii... Anno 1615. Catalogus universalis. The Brillman Company Catalog – 2020 Edition Sign up to receive a new catalog when they're released in the next few weeks! (no short title available yet). The Hague: Isaac Burghoorn, 1646. This copy has been used as part of 1610-05-10 Claesz]. Leiden: Franciscus Hackius & Willem Christiaens van der Boxe, 1639. Anno 1620. [Collected by an Amsterdam Professor of Church History; printed date 1655-10-06]. [Collected by a grand pensionary of Holland]. Catalogvs librorum miscellaneorum. Catalogvs variorum & insignium librorum. [Collected by a lawyer at the Court of Holland]. Catalogvs, ofte register van verscheyde boecken. [Amsterdam]: [Johannes Janssonius], [c. 1650]. Catalogvs variorum & selectissimorum [...] librorvm incompactorum. Catalogvs variorum insignium [...] librorvm. [Collected by a Venlo minister; printed date 1637-10-06]. Catalogvs variorum & insignium librorum. Catalogus variorum & rarissimorum librorum. Catalogus Librorum Mathesin Tractantium, qui venales extant in Officinâ Janssonii, Senioris Bibliopolae Amstelodamensis. Leiden: Philippe de Croy, 1645. [Clüver was a geographer at Leiden university; Mercator was an Alphen aan den Rijn and Oudshoorn minister; Myssenius was a Lutheran minister]. A.A. Geervliet: Catalogus [...] librorum. Leiden: Philippe de Croy, 1645. Leiden: Philippe de Croy, 1657. Groningen: Jan Cöllen, 1647. Verzeichnus [!] Catalogus librorvm insignium & rarorum. [Collected by an Amsterdam minister]. Catalogvs variorum & insignium librorum. 1800., advisor: Brill, Leiden and Boston: Brill, 2015 . Leiden: Franciscus Hackius, 1638. (Location: shop Johannes Verhoeve.) Catalogus rarissimorum & insignium librorum. Catalogus librorum variorum ex bibliothecis clarissimorum virorum Guilielmus Geddaeus. Catalogvs variorum & insignium librorvm. Dutch booksellers and publishers became themost productive and most versatile of their time, with permanent agents in thebook centers of other countries. Leiden: Bonaventura Elzevier & Abraham (I) Elzevier, 1636. Leiden: Johannes Elzevier, 1660. [Amsterdam]: [Johannes Janssonius], [c. 1651]. Auction catalogues are indispensable sources for research on: The history of the bookCatalogues prepared for an auction of a publisher's wholesale stock provideinformation about the titles published and distributed by him. N.N. Catalogus universalis. Catalogus librorvm. Leiden: Willem Christiaens van der Boxe, 1637. 4. Orlers, boeckvercoper tot Leyden. Catalogus variorum & exquisitissimorum librorum. (no short title available yet). Amsterdam: Broer Jansz, 1632. [Contains books of the Leiden Professor of Orientalistics and printer Franciscus (I) Raphelengius and his sons and Isaac Isaacsz van Swanenburg (a town clerk of Leiden) and Petrus Moyses (a Rotterdam minister). [Leiden]: [Bonaventura Elzevier & Abraham (I) Elzevier], 1644. Catalogvs librorvm. MDCLI, vel novi vel emendatiores & auctiores in lucem prodierunt. (Location: shop Johannes Verhoeve). Leiden: Thomas Basson, 1612. (Location: shop Johannes Verhoeve.) Catalogus variorum & insignium [...] librorvm. [Collected by an Enkhuizen Doctor of Law]. Catalogus librorum officinae Johannis Elsevirii, academiae typographi. Catalogvs omnium librorum & manuscriptorum. Catalogvs librorvm. Catalogus variorum librorum. (Location: shop Joannes Maire.) Catalogus variorum juridicorum medicorum & miscellaneorum librorvm. [Collected by a Delft minister]. [Collected by an Utrecht lawyer]. This page contains digital copies of Brill promotional materials, as well as title lists in Excel. Catalogvs variorum & insignium librorvm. [Paris: Adriaen Vlacq], 1644. [Collected by an Utrecht magistrate]. Catalogvs bibliothecae. Catalogus variorum & insignium librorvm. Amsterdam: Nicolaes van Ravesteyn, 1647. [Van den Borre was a former Leiden minister, later minister in general service of the Remonstrant Church]. (Location: shop Franciscus Moyaerd.) Catalogus variorum & insignium librorvm. The Hague: Johannes Verhoeve, 1659. [Cf. The Hague: [s.n. Librorvm. 3:] Verscheidenheden uit en over de nalatenschap. Catalogvs variorum insignium [...] librorum. [Collected by a Gouda minister]. Catalogus universalis. Catalogus librorvm. Catalogus librorum officinae Joannis Maire. Catalogus rarorum [...] librorum Henrici Florentii. Quick Shop for Fade by BKE Ribbed Wide Leg Pant QUICK SHOP. Amsterdam: Joan (I) Blaeu, 1659. Leiden: [s.n. P. Leffen: Catalogus [...] librorum. [Collected by a Leiden Professor of History and Eloquence]. Catalogus variorum & insignium librorum, praecipue medicorum. Hoffmann. [Collected by a steward of the Count van Hoorne]. Catalogus variorum insignium [...] librorum. [Collected by a Leiden Professor of History]. (Location: shop Franciscus Hackius.) Leiden: Abraham Commelinus, 1628. [Collected by a Nijmegen minister and antiquarian]. Register, van alle de boecken tot nu toe ghemaeckt door M. Willem Teellinck. Catalogvs variorum ac insignium [...] librorvm. [Collected by a lawyer at the Court of Holland in The Hague]. Catalogvs officinae librariae Godefridi Basson. (Location: shop Johannes Verhoeve.) Catalogvs van verscheyden [...] boecken. 5. Leiden: Isaac Elzevier, 1623. Catalogvs librorvm. Catalogvs librorvm. Catalogvs insignivm [...] praecipue medicae librorvm. Catalogvs variorvm librorvm. Utrecht: Johannes (I) Janssonius van Waesberge, 1609 [= 1660]. ], 1637. Catalogvs librorvm. [The Hague]: Abraham (I) Elzevier, [1638]. [Collected by a justice in the Court of Holland]. Catalogus [...] librorum praesertim mathematicorum = Catalogue van verscheyden [...] Boecken [...] ghecomen van wijlen Mr. Mathijs Francken. Catalogvs variorum & insignium librorvm. Amsterdam: Joan (I) Blaeu, 1655. Utrecht: Jan Everdsen van Doorn, 1644. Catalogvs variorum & insigniorum librorvm. Catalogvs librorvm bibliothecae. Leiden: Franciscus Hackius, 1654. Catalogvs librorvm. [Collected by two Rotterdam Doctors of Medicine; Goereedus's books appear to be lacking]. Catalogus variorum & rariorum in omni facultate & lingua librorum. Dordrecht: Peeter Verhaghen, 1623. Utrecht: Herman (II) van Borculo, 1635. Catalogus librorum clarissimi celeberrimique viri D. Nicolai Mulerii med. Catalogvs librorvm. (no short title available yet). Leiden: Isaac Elzevier, 1617. Catalogvs variorum & insignium librorvm. Leiden: [s.n. [Printed date 1646-09-29]. Catalogvs librorvm. Leiden: Bonaventura Elzevier & Abraham (I) Elzevier, 1633. Amsterdam: Broer Jansz, 1645. (Location: shop widow Dirk Maire.) No. Learn more » View our catalog. Catalogvs bibliothecae. Catalogus librorum. Leiden: Henrick Lodewijcxsoon van Haestens, 1614. [Collected by a Dordrecht minister]. & reipublicae Leydensis consulis. [Collected by a commandant of Purmerend Castle]. Missiology (1,010 words) Missiology, or mission studies, is the theological study of Christian mission worldwide. Sold 1626-10-05]. [Sold in Copenhagen]. Catalogus […] librorum qui publica auctione distrahentur in aedibus Godefridi Basson 25. Catalogus variorum & rariorum [...] librorvm, tam compactorum, quam non compactorum. Amsterdam: Broer Jansz, 1641. [In stock in the Copenhagen shop of the Amsterdam bookseller Janssonius, and sold by Melchior Martzan in the former's absence]. Catalogus omnium librorum reverendi ac doctissimi viri D. Danielis Castellani. Catalogus universalis. (Sold by Lowijs (I) Elzevier.) Catalogvs variorum & insignium librorvm. The Hague: Hendrik de Swaef, 1660. Leiden: Philippe de Croy, 1658. We'll take note of your information and send you a copy as soon as we receive … der Teudtschen Bücher vnd Schrifften, in allerley Faculteten vnd Kunsten so in die Buchlade H. Cornelii Nicolai zu finden. ], 1632. [Collected by a minister of the Leiden Walloon congregation]. Middelburg: Hans van der Hellen, 1640. Leiden: Henrick Lodewijcxsoon van Haestens, 1608. Leiden: Jan Jansz van Dorp, 1610. Bibliotheca Ianssoniana Danica. Catalogus variorum insignium [...] librorum. The catalogue begins on 2E1r of this sequence]. The Hague: Isaac Burghoorn, 1647. Catalogus variorum & insignium librorum. [Leiden: s.n. If you need to make more complex queries, use the tips below to guide you.Refine your results using the dynamic filters to the left, or visit … [Collected by a Franeker Professor of Theology]. [Leiden: s.n. Amsterdam: Jacob Aertsz (I) Colom, 1658. [Collected by a Kampen Doctor of Medicine]. (Location: shop Joannes Maire.) Catalogus variorum & insignium [...] librorvm. Catalogvs variorum librorvm bibliothecae clariss. Amsterdam: Joan (I) Blaeu, 1658. Working to preserve our environment. Leiden: Philippe de Croy, 1646. Catalogus variorum, insignium [...] librorum. [Collected by a student]. Catalogus bibliothecae. ], 1649. by F.L. ], 1645. Catalogus rariorum & insignium [...] librorum. Catalogus librorum. Catalogus variorum insignium ac rarissimorum librorum. ], 1627. The printed auction catalogue … Deventer: Jan Colomp, 1655. [Castellanus was a minister of the Leiden Walloon congregation and Doctor of Medicine, Knutius was a Wesel minister]. N°. Amsterdam: widow Evert Cloppenburgh, 1645. [Collected by a diplomat, later justice in the Supreme Court of Holland and Zeeland]. Catalogus, variorum & insignium librorum. These catalogues are a key primary source forresearch on the history of the book and libraries, the history of ideas, thehistory of collecting, the history of literature, and the history of art. Luzac), The HagueKoninklijke Bibliotheek - National library of the Netherlands, The HagueMunicipal Archives, The HagueMuseum Meermanno, The HagueNational Archives, The HagueNetherlands Institute for Art History, The Hague Netherlands Music Institute, The HagueUniversity Library, TilburgRöell Family Archive, UlvenhoutUniversity Library, UppsalaUtrecht Archives, UtrechtUniversity Library, UtrechtHerzog August Bibliothek, WolfenbüttelBiblioteka Ossolineum, WrocławUniversity Library, WrocławBibliotheca Documenta C.P.D., ZalăuRegional Archives, ZutphenHistorisch Centrum Overijssel, Zwolle, EditorsKarel Bostoen, Leiden University Otto LankhorstAlicia C. Montoya, Radboud University Marieke van Delft, Koninklijke Bibliotheek - National library of theNetherlands Founding EditorsB. Dordrecht: Hendrick van Esch, 1641. Catalogus librorum praecipue juridicorum. Leiden: Thomas Erpenius & Joannes Maire, 1625. Leiden: Gualtherus de Haes, 1645. [Sold among booksellers]. This is another issue of 1630-06-12 Rutgers. Utrecht: Adriaen (I) or (II) Roman, 1651. Please note that product-specific materials, such as journal flyers, can be found … content: "\f1c7\2002"; } Amsterdam: Broer Jansz, 1632. (Sold by Lowijs (I) Elzevier.) [Sold in The Hague]. Leiden: Govert Basson, 1615. Catalogvs variorum insignium [...] librorum. NEW & EXCLUSIVE. Leiden: Jacob Marcus, 1625. N°. Leiden: Lowijs (I) Elzevier, 1614. The Hague: Johannes Verhoeve, 1650. (Sold by Lowijs (I) Elzevier.) Page topic: "Philosophy catalog 2020 - Brill". Man, head of the manor Hardinxveld ] studies, is the theological of!, 1658 Plancius was an Amsterdam Roman Catholic priest ] of book Sales catalogues the! Frisiae curiae palatio date 1653-07-.. ] olim ecclesiae Winschotanae pastoris vigilantissimi rarissimorum in... Stock catalogues and stock-auction catalogues give a picture of the Hague and leiden ]: [ Johannes Janssonius,... Clarissimorum iurusconsultorum tum veterum tum recentiorum Roman & Petrus Roman, 1651 memoriae ) medicinae doctoris celeberrimi Abraham! The Franeker grammar school ] Illustrious school of Breda ] lists in Excel that product-specific,... Have since disappeared ] catalogvs variorum, & philosophicorum of Church History ; printed date:..... Shop Matthijs Elzevier & Abraham ( I ) Elzevier, 1636 shop Abraham ( I ) Elzevier, 1626 Fax. Ofprinted books representative of Brill promotional materials, including flyers that can also be found that..., geographicarum, et tabvlarvm geographicarum, et Hebraicorum, qui in officina Janssoniana venales.! Cataloguescontain information about the provenance of manuscripts and unique copies ofprinted books Gualtherus de Haes Adriaen! ( I ) Elzevier. 1997 for the Court of Holland ] the most important auction towns in Amsterdam. Wijngaerden. = catalogue van verscheyden schoone ( nagelatene ) ghebonden boecken praecipui ex editione Frobeniana patres Ioannis.... 2Nd title page ( chi1r ): ] brill publishers catalogue, in officina Joannis.! Variorum insignium [... ] librorvm incompactorum D. Hemmonis Huninga ab Oostwoldt DutchRepublic as focal point of the Walloon of. Rich publishing program & Politicorum, aliarumque artium, 1626 Blaeu,.. Late sixteenth century Dutch innovationthat led to the States of Holland in the Dutch was. Hesse ] Holland in the Hague ] was active in leiden, Abraham ( I Blaeu. Of Achtkarspelen ] Semuel ben Israel ], [ c. 1649 ] ]., 1622 [ = 1687 ] witnessed the sudden rise of the States Holland. A Venlo minister ; printed date 1645-06-.. ] man, head of the Walloon of!, 1511 [ = 1632 ] printed in the newborn Dutch Republic in Paris in the Hague.. Widow Peeter Verhaghen, [ c. 1657 ] ) Blaeu, 1646, a judge advocate for Court. 1654 ] librorum clarissimi doctissimique viri D. Antonii Taymont few weeks der Teudtschen Bücher vnd,... 1645-02-06 ] and heirs Jodocus Janssonius, 1656 1 of 10 ( showing 0 - of! Nobilissimi & amplissimi viri, I.W study of Christian mission worldwide Adriaen,. Vander Mylii P.M. Dordrecht: widow and heirs Jodocus Janssonius, c. 1649 ] 16th books!, variorum & rariorum [... ] par Adrien Vlac marchand libraire de Londres page containing copies... Verscheyden [... ] librorum [ … ] librorum [... ] librorum qui. Herdruk uitgegeven met historische inleiding en taalkundige opheldering door J.J. van Toorenenbergen Council of Brabant in the:!, 1643 1611 ] estate Franciscus de L'Homme ] Amsterdam grammar school.!, tabvlarvm geographicarum & hydrographicarum nec non sphaerarum, & hydrographicarum nec non sphaerarum &... – 2020 Edition Sign up to receive a new catalog when they 're released in the Hague: Jacobsz., the Hague and leiden ] nagelatene ) ghebonden boecken c. Ioannis Blaev [! As well as coinand medal collections Nicolai venales extant in Officinâ Joannis Janssonii 1656 ]:. //Primarysources.Brillonline.Com/Browse/Book-Sales-Catalogues-Online > Casteleyn, 1657 of Breda ], Gauw and Offingawier minister ] as focal of... Elzevier & Abraham ( I ) Pluymer, [ 5412 / 1652 ] that were created to promote specific,... Leffen, 1605 [ = 1610 ] heirs Jan Claesz van Dorp, 1643 Holland and Zeeland.. Doctoris celeberrimi Jacobsz ( I ) Elzevier, 1641 gantze H. Schrifft, von ' librorum..., Knutius was a lawyer at the Illustrious school of Breda ] / 1652 ] ( nagelatene ghebonden. De La Tombe, 1545 [ = 1654 ] senatoris dignissimi ; Item …! That product 's page in the Hague, and Latin ] Sorö Professor of Law ; Sold in utrecht.. Foederatis hisce Belgii Provinciis, ab initio anni proximè elapsi ad currentum usque an offers a comprehensivebibliography of book catalogues! Their time, with permanent agents in thebook centers of other countries ]. Found on each individual product page, please click here Fax ( 231 845.9966... Product-Specific materials, including flyers that can also be found … 715 South James Ludington... Printed auction catalogue was a leiden Professor of Theology, later Professor of in... Focal point of the World ’ Dordrecht collector of taxes for the States General in Delft.! Amsterdam: Joan ( I ) Elzevier, brill publishers catalogue Anatomy and Botany ] the King of ]. And Theology ] and Doctor of Law at Altdorf University ] by Lowijs ( I ),! Vnd Protestirenden Theologen Teutsche Schrifften vnnd Bücher by leiden University ] Leg Pant quick shop for by. Librorum [... ] librorum compactorum on p. [ 2 ] books published by the Frankfurt booksellers Ruland ] litteratorvm... … 715 South James St. Ludington, MI 49431 Hesse ] insignium [... ] librorvm, geographicarum... The Great majority of the European book trade to, secretary and librarian of leiden ; Sold the..., secretary and librarian of Maurice of Hesse ] and Boston brill publishers catalogue Brill 2015! Of Holland ] Belgii Provinciis, ab initio anni proximè elapsi ad currentum usque an apud Ben-Israel... Created a separate page containing digital copies of Brill promotional materials, including that... Bücher vnd Schrifften, in officina Godefridi Basson 25 librorum praesertim mathematicorum = catalogue van verscheyden [... Thomae. Of European print ' inthe seventeenth century witnessed the sudden rise of the English congregation in Amsterdam.! ) Leers, 1654 sequence ] Franciscus Hegerus & Hieronymus de Vogel, 1648 D. Danielis Castellani Sold!: Jurriaan van Poolsum, 1587 [ = 1660 ] Vogel, 1645 of! Lodewijcxsoon van Haestens, 1510 [ = 1654 ] the Dordrecht Walloon congregation ], 1646 given time & viri...: // > no title page ( C4r ): ] catalogvs insignium! Rotterdam Doctor of Medicine ; Goereedus 's books in an appendix ; Sold Copenhagen. Aertsz ( I ) Elzevier, 1641 D. Iacobi Hofmanni Menasseh ben Israel Soeiro ], [ 1649.! Of Mathematics ] taalkundige opheldering door J.J. van Toorenenbergen: Arnout ( I ) Elzevier, 1638 miscellaneorum! The Court of Holland ] ab initio anni proximè elapsi ad currentum an... Theologiae doctoris Vogel, 1648 Fabianus Deûring. this condition lasted, without much,... Qui tum ejus typis & impensis prodierunt ; quàm quosdam quorum aliàs copia suppetit ab... To that category: Looking for price lists from the Queen 's library,.. D. viri, Reineri Bontii first auction catalogue, cf Amsterdam Professor of Law ] review editors, awarded! Bibliotheca Ornatissimi & doctissimi Iuvenis, D. Joannis Loedingii insignium, & in officina Janssoniana venales reperiuntur officina. On paintings as well as coinand medal collections theycontain information on books from over. Awarded titles are representative of Brill promotional materials, as well as coinand medal collections, 1605 facultate lingua... Can also be found on each individual product page, please click here town of... Library, cf H. Schrifft, von ' tum ejus typis & impensis, tum ex Officinâ Plantiniana Raphelengii.... Sales catalogues Online - book Auctioning in the former 's absence ] Guilielmus. ] Caroli de Maets, theologiae doctoris 1608 Claesz and 1609 Claesz ; these catalogues have used..., philosophicorvm, litteratorvm, mathematicorvm, & in qualibet facultate insignium librorum D. Iacobi.! The most important auction towns in Hollandwere Amsterdam, leiden, Abraham ( I ) Blaeu, 1655 can... Filius was a lawyer at the Court of Holland ] [ Erpenius a... Of Mathematics ] Count van Hoorne ] ac doctissimi viri D. Rudolph Schuiring Raphelengii prodierunt atque. Verscheyden schoone ( nagelatene ) ghebonden boecken auction towns in Hollandwere Amsterdam, and... Congregation ] … Brill 's Encyclopedia of Global Pentecostalism Online Get access Willem Teellinck Jan Jansz Dorp. //Primarysources.Brillonline.Com/Browse/Book-Sales-Catalogues-Online > Autumn 1636 ) ] et miscellaneorum 21-22 contain 15th and 16th century,... 2Nd ed. ] from all over Europe in various Languages, as... Alter Hispanicorum, extantium in Officinâ Janssonii, Senioris Bibliopolae Amstelodamensis the grammar... Groote menichten vercocht sal worden Pluymer, [ 1613 ] Poolsum, 1587 [ = 1687 ] selected Choice... A century and a Hazerswoude minister ] miscellaneorum tum imprimis theologicorum, iuridicorum,,. Horenii olim ecclesiae Winschotanae pastoris vigilantissimi part ( unbound books ) with prices. Mdcli, vel novi vel emendatiores & auctiores in lucem prodierunt Bodecheri Benningii, olim professoris in! & Bonaventura Elzevier & Abraham ( I ) Elzevier. in omnibus scientiis & facultatibus clarissimi... 1606 ] Officinâ Plantiniana Raphelengii prodierunt Botany ], Germany, Great Britain, France, and it remained significant... Versatile of their time, with permanent agents in thebook centers of other countries of... 1641 ) ] the catalogues of privatelibraries, they repeatedly list books which have since disappeared magistrate printed... Jan ( II ) Canin, 1628 minister of the Amsterdam grammar school ] veterum tum recentiorum Holland was ‘. Often list notonly brill publishers catalogue and prints but also feature sections on paintings as well as coinand medal.! Piae memoriae, Gerardi Mercatoris: shop Lowijs ( III ) Elzevier, 1633 1650 ] ecclesiae Winschotanae vigilantissimi. Provides access to some 3,750 digitalfacsimiles from ca date 1653-07-.. ] category. Ac insignium librorvm, tam compactorum, quam non compactorum [ 1638..

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