About Me

I am a theologically educated theologian who thinks theologically about almost everything. I am a follower of Jesus who loves metaphor and tangents and rabbit trails. Also, I am pretty sarcastic and terribly opinionated.

I am a mom
a deacon
a writer
a charity fundraiser

I am the third in a line of Marys in my family. My grandmother Mary was an oldest only girl who would have been a bishop if she had been born 50 years later. My mom Mary is a youngest only girl who loves nature and can outlast me in any physical activity. They inspire my fascination with Marys, family, church, feminism, justice, napping, and chocolate.

Now, I am also a blogger. Let’s see how that goes!

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Thank you for this poignant and heartfelt reflection and for sharing it. I share your feelings and after 13years of working with refugees and agencies serving them, your experiences of their friendship and gifts to our communities ,too.

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