What would Mary do?

Blue or purple? There are some in the church who enough time on their hands this time of year to debate which is the proper liturgical color for Advent. At Maryology, when such questions arise we ask, “What would Mary do?” Clearly, based on many images of Mary of Nazareth we can see her choice:

Virgen humildad, Fra Angelico


Let’s give this a try…

Maryology…the study of Mary?
“overthinking something starting far in advance in order to best prepare yourself for an upcoming event. discussing an event or project with absolutely everyone you talk to in order to gather as many outside opinions and insight about the subject. to complete all planning of an event or project… at least 6 months before the beginning of the event or project.” from Urban Dictionary

I guess we will have to find out. Although, so far, the second definition fits the launch of this blog pretty well.